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Disklavier Studio

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Yamaha grand piano

Disklavier Studio and services

Send us your MIDI file recorded in a Clavinova, Silent series or other keyboards and then we will send back an audio file with a real grand piano! Listen the demo below.

The Disklavier™ Turns Pro!

Integrating state-of-the-art technology into top-of-the-line Yamaha grands, Disklavier Pro™ Series grand pianos provide a uniquely effective, high-performance solution for studios, institutions and today's most discerning musicians. Their servo-controlled drive system, along with other newly developed components, records and reproduces acoustic piano performance with unprecedented power, precision and control.

New Power for a New Era of Musical Creativity and Production

A host of new additional features, including Silent functions, XG instrumental tone generation, and MIDI and PC connections, extend their range to take advantage of a new era of musical opportunities. Engineered to the sophisticated standards of professional music production, Disklavier Pro Series grand pianos offer incomparable versatility and superior performance for applications from recording, collaboration and performance broadcasting to multimedia and Internet music production.

Servo Control Delivers Unprecedented Playback Precision

DC3PRO sets the highest standards of accuracy in acoustic reproduction. Using feedback between sensor and drive system components under the command of newly developed LSI microprocessors, the servo control system continuously monitors the movement of each key, precisely recreating every detail of the original performance. High-speed processing and an internal compensation system virtually eliminate any speed or timing deviations, while built-in calibration ensures consistently perfect playback.

Key-Release Sensing Delivers Superior Damper Control

Sensors on the DC3PRO register not only the downstroke but the release speed of the keys, a major advance in Disklavier technology. This generates the data required for accurate damper control, reproducing the delicate nuances of stacato and legato phrasing. Even conventional software, recorded without this additional key-release data, sounds better on the DC3PRO, as this instrument determines and recreates the natural release speed for each keystroke.

Advanced Drive Components Extend the Range of Performance

Newly developed high-powered solenoids respond instantly and accurately to playback signals generated by the new high-sensitivity recording sensors, reproducing a wider range of dynamic control than has ever been possible before. From the most delicate pianissimo to thundering fortissimo, the Disklavier Pro accurately records and recreates the full spectrum of musical expression.

Dual Optical Key and Hammer Sensors Capture Every Nuance

Sophisticated system of optical sensors records every key motion with meticulous precision, even keys touched for only harmonic value or to ease a fingering transition, without sounding the strings. Continuous-position key motion sensors register key speed, depth and release speed, while hammer sensors register the speed of each hammer blow. Forming the most accurate system available for reproducing keyboard performance, all without any mechanical interference with keyboard touch or response.

Servo Controlled Pedaling Provides Exceptional Accuracy

Sustain and shift pedals are equipped with continuous-position digital optical sensors and servo-controlled drive units, controlled by their own dedicated processor. These support precise levels of incremental movement to faithfully reproduce every pedaling action of the recording or performing artist.

Powerful Pro MIDI Data Format Holds Expanded Performance Information

To achieve its superior standards of recording and playback performance, the DC3PRO generates extra MIDI data to accommodate precision parameters. All essential data such as hammer speed, key release speed and pedaling is recorded and reproduced within the standard MIDI format, enabling full compatibility with other MIDI devices. For recording piano performances with even further subtlety and detail, the DC3PRO also lets you select the new Yamaha XP MIDI data format. This expanded format utilizes general-purpose controller numbers in the MIDI specification to record additional performance data including key speed and stroke depth, delivering enhanced levels of recording sensitivity and precision. This multi-mode flexibility allows interaction smoothly with existing MIDI configurations and reproduces data generated in either XP or standard mode, with automatic selection of the appropriate playback format.

Built-in Silent System Offers Privacy and Aids Multi-Track Recording

The proprietary Yamaha Grand Silent System adds a versatile new dimension to the DC3PRO. With the touch of a button, you can prevent the hammers from striking the strings, while generating real-time digital piano reproduction through headphones. Using 30 megabytes of memory, the digital piano even recreates the harmonic resonance that results from incremental use of the sustain pedal. The Silent System also offers the perfect solution to multi-track recording, allowing you to record orchestral tracks from the DC3PRO keyboard, via the internal XG tone generator, without hearing the sound of the piano.

Quick Escape™ Action Mechanism

An exclusive Quick Escape action mechanism automatically compensates for hammer stroke variations, maintaining a natural touch and response in both Silent and conventional modes. In playing and recording a special dual-position shutter allows hammer sensors to deliver optimal performance in either normal or Silent modes.

XG 'Ensemble' Tone Generator Produces Hundreds of Instrumental Voices

A Yamaha XG tone module is built into the DC3PRO, providing nearly 700 digital voices. This makes it easy to record other instrumental sounds in addition to the piano, or reproduce fully orchestrated piano/ensemble concerts through your own amplified speakers or headphones.

Yamaha Grand Piano Action Provides Consistantly Superior Control

The responsive sensitivity of the grand piano action makes this an incomparable MIDI controller – far superior to any digital keyboard – as well as a superb acoustic instrument. You can even cancel the movement of keys or pedals during playback, to facilitate overdubbing or collaborative performance.

MIDI and Computer Interfaces add Power and Versatility

The DC3PRO includes a full complement of terminals for connecting external devices. These include MIDI In/Out, AUX In/Out and a pair of headphone jacks. There's even a built-in computer interface, with easy access to the limitless potential of software, peripherals and the Internet.

'Standard' Disklavier Functions Offer Uncommon Flexibility

In describing the new features of the DC3PRO, it's easy to overlook the remarkable capabilities of 'standard' Disklavier pianos. Keyboard-direct recording onto standard floppy disks or an internal memory disk, such as: 'Live' acoustic playback complete with lifelike key and pedal movement, plus tempo, volume and transposition controls; Separate left/right recording and independent playback; Repeat, search, utility functions and more.


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